Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

The new year is starting well and on track. Nathan and I have signed up for a 1/2 marathon here in Arkansas in an effort to get moving after sitting still for so long. It's HARD! My body doesn't want to move.

We are also going to start some new family goals. Actually we're going to do a family Theme for the first time ever. Our theme for 2013 is...

No Regrets!

It's based on President Uchtdorf's Saturday Morning October 2012 conference talk, Of Regrets and Resolutions. Nathan and I feel its a perfect time to strengthen our family while encouraging our children to work toward their potential. It doesn't hurt that in doing so we will be growing closer to our own potential in the process.

Once a month we will have a special Family Home Evening based on the talk. There are 3 regrets covered and we will take a quarter of the year for each. The plan is to discuss the regret, talk about the distractions that keep us from obtaining it, and then plan specific ways to change that area of our lives so we will not have that particular regret. Some months will just be a "checking in" kind of FHE to see if we are still on track.

I'll try to remember to share the FHE lessons here as I get them organized. ;)

Finally, we mailed about 50 Christmas cards and letters this year but several came back undeliverable. I'm going to include our family letter here in case you missed it.
Counting our blessings, that’s our theme for this Christmas. 2012 turned out to be more eventful than we originally hoped. Here’s a quick list of highlights:

March—we bought a puppy! His name is Chewy, and he’s fluffy and oh so loveable.
April—family camping trip to Jellystone (lots of rain and memories). Charity signed a book contract, The Magic Wakes releases in February!
June—4 out of the 6 of us spent a week at Cub Scout camp
July—Nathan, Kiah and Charity went on a pioneer trek for youth conference
Aug—Girl’s camp, 2 birthdays, an anniversary, and a trip to TN
Sept—Anniversary cruise to Grand Caymans and Cozumel to celebrate our 16th anniversary Oct—Nathan accepted a job from Walmart and we started the moving process. Found buyer for home one week after listed house on the market. Said goodbye to our dear friends and family in Charlotte, NC—we love and miss you all!
Nov—We relocated to Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville) and started to settle in
Dec—Closed on our home in Charlotte and hope to enjoy our first Christmas in Bentonville

It has been a wonderful year full of so many blessings. We hope the New Year will bring as many wonderful blessings and memories as this year—we just hope a move won’t be involved. We love you all and wish you a merry Christmas!

The Bradfords

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