Sunday, January 6, 2013

No Rest for The Weary--And We Like It That Way

Our family enjoyed a nice two months with Nathan getting to sit with us. I'd like to say I got to sit next to him, but Cole pushed me down the pew every week. He never really got to sit by his daddy and he needed that time.

However, today we returned to the seating arrangement we had grown used to over the last 4 and 1/2 years. Our ward was bursting at the seams and today they created a new branch. Nathan was called to serve as a counselor in the branch presidency. I'm excited for him. As a naturally shy person, this will really help him get to know the members of our new area better much faster.

I also got a new calling. One that I'm very excited about. You know how much I've loved serving with the youth in North Carolina. They are the people I miss the most. I hope that isn't weird, but they were such a large part of my time, thoughts, and life in general. Today I was called to serve in the YW presidency. I can't wait to meet these girls and find ways to support the president.

Nathan and I are both excited to serve, but especially with the presidents we will be working with. They are wonderful people. We were invited to their house for dinner right before Christmas and they are going to be so fun to work with on top of the wonderful spirit we felt in their home.

In other news, the kids return to school tomorrow. Yay!
And Nathan and I start our training schedule for a 1/2 marathon in April. yay?

Actually we are both excited to get moving again. We've missed running and now there are no excuses. It's time to get into better eating habits as well as adopting a more active lifestyle. We're dragging the kids with us and hopefully by the time the weather gets nicer they'll be glad we did.

I've also been preparing for FHE tomorrow night. Today I asked the older kids to read the talk by President Uchtdorf so we can have a good discussion tomorrow night. I'm going to keep it general for the first lesson and introduce our first quarter focus.

Allowing Ourselves To Be Happy

We are going to pull out a piece of poster board and divide it into 6 sections (1 for each of us). Every night during scriptures we have to write down 1 positive thing from our day. The hope is that as we focus more on the good things in our lives we will become more positive and less porcupinish. Some of us are worse than others--oo! that was a porcupine comment. :)

Since my kids like visuals and making powerpoints (weird, I know) I'm going to share these pictures with them.


Lindsey said...

Way to keep busy:)I didn't know you we're a branch. With as many youth I thought you had it sounded like a big ward! But yea for YW!!! it gives me some one else to get ideas from! I know Jenny probably gets tired of me asking her!

Sarah Ragatz said...

I love your family happiness goal. That is seriously one of the best resolutions I've heard of. Thanks for sharing!