Saturday, November 21, 2009

Writing through the month

This month has really had its ups and downs with my new story. It started so well and then I hit a point where I really did not like my story very much. Now, you may ask, "If you don't like your story, why keep writing?" My answer? I didn't like last year's story at one point either because Nano gives me the opportunity to get the bones on the paper. This means a lot of telling, a lot of listing of events, and a lot of fast dialogue. When I glance at what I've written I cringe because it lacks good character development, good descriptions and depth of emotion to pulls me into the story. I have to keep telling myself that the story line is still good, the plot ideas are good. I simply need to get everything down so that I can come back and fill in the gaps.

Tonight I went to another write in. There were five of us sitting around a table and typing furiously for two hours. Nothing compares to the sound of imaginations clicking away and that creative energy swells and envelops you. The last few days of drudging through scenes faded away and I found myself once again moving through the plot. In two hours I invaded a planet, fought some major battles, committed genocide through blind rage and the desire for revenge and then discovered that I was on the wrong planet! Oh the guilt at all those deaths! My main character fell into a deep depression leaving himself open to the influence of the manipulative woman that had been trying to pull his strings all along. Does it make me an awful person to say that I am enjoying the story more now that they have started on a destructive rampage through space?

Another plus to write ins is that I managed almost 3000 words! That is really amazing for me and it makes me wonder what else I could accomplish in two hours with no kids crawling all over me and asking for things. So, today's word count reached 37,004. I am back on track, and just a little bit ahead of where I need to be. The best part is that I am now engaged in the story again so I am looking forward to writing tomorrow.

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edith said...

Hooray! That sounds wonderful. Especially the part with no kids crawling over you so you can get things done.