Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Lessons

Yay! My family survived another month of NaNoWriMo and I think everyone is glad it is over. My eyes are more than a little strained from so many late nights staring at my computer screen in a dark room. Yeah, I know better, but it is a design flaw in our house. My desk is in the boys bedroom/family room and the best time to write was when everyone was asleep.

I am also very proud of my fellow Nano friends. Out of the 48 who posted regularly on our forums, 25 of them met the 50K goal! I'm sure there were many others that did it all on their own.

There were several really good moments and scenes in this year's writing challenge for me. And a lot of mediocre blah writing that makes me cringe. About week three I lost total interest in the story and all I wanted to do was return to my other book and continue revisions, but I was a good girl and pressed on! My main goal with this book was to get to know my antagonist. For those of you who have read Sendek, be prepared for some nice revisions in the next month or so! Now that I know their complete history, I was able to find ways to show how wicked and scary they could be. That was lacking in the first book, but now I can go back and fix that. A little more grit and tension will be a good thing. Because of this, I feel like I had a triple success this year. I made it to 50,050 words in a month, finished a story line (even if I am going to trash it) and learned what I needed to know about another group of my characters. It feels good do get my little winners badge. Anyone want to join me next year?

We also had a great Thanksgiving. I enjoyed cooking our meal and I've posted about it on the food blog, you can see my menu HERE. Mmm, what else have I forgotten to blog about? I can't remember since my brain is still fried from November as a whole.

Oh, we have started decorating for Christmas and the kids took their "under the tree" picture. I don't know why they love this so much, but they do.

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edith said...

I wondered if I should recommend Brian Sanderson's Mist Born trilogy to you because they are quite violent. They are fascinating. And his Elantris is very nice, too, and not so violent