Friday, December 25, 2009

Lots of Christmas Pictures!

Let's start with Christmas Eve and the traditional PJ's. The kids also get to open one gift from a sibling(that is to explain the SpongeBob).
And on to Christmas Morning...These are their favorites.


Kristen S said...

Wait, how early did your kids get up?! It looks dark outside!
Growing up we had a rule that we couldn't get up until it was light outside...we do the same thing with our kids.

Charity said...

Ashlee woke up at 2am (we only went to bed at 1am) and we made her wait until 5am. Nathan usually gets too excited to wait so we don't have a wait rule other than "not before 5am". We were probably finished before most of our street was even awake.

The nice thing is that they play all day and we can take a nap.