Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Christmas/End of Year Letter

Hello All,

I never got around to mailing my Christmas cards this year. So while I'm waiting for the kids to get tired enough to go to sleep, I thought I would post the letter for those of you online to read.

2009 was a great year for our family. We stayed busy and had lots of fun as well as growing experiences. Here is a brief recap.

Nathan says “work is busy, church is busy, and that’s my life.” I think he needs a hobby, what about you?

Charity—I started teaching cooking lessons to home school children in the fall and love it. It is very fulfilling to share something I love with youth who are excited to learn. I also made great progress on my novel and hope to take it to the next level in 2010. My most thrilling accomplishment this year was Suanna’s wedding cake.

Kiah turned 12 this year and started Young Women’s and is now two inches taller than me. She started the year playing the viola but switched to the flute when her school dropped the orchestra program. Now she knows that she prefers the viola and is dropping band and the flute in favor of drama. Oh the drama! She continues to love reading and photography.

Ashlee turned 10 and decided that we are out to ruin her life and make sure that she never has any fun. Always the social one, she has to be hanging out with her friends. She made the 5th grade chorus and also started singing in the ward choir. Technically she is supposed to be 11 for that, but she has a great voice and takes it seriously so our choir director made an exception.
Adam turned 7 and is growing taller all the time. He has boycotted belts and so is constantly holding his pants on or pulling them back up. His legs are long and his waist is small! His reading has improved so much this year. He is still our tender hearted gentleman, polite and helpful wherever he goes. Several women at church call him “little bishop” because of his kind deeds and black suit.

Cole is our 3 year old tornado. He thinks he is as big as Adam and has no fear—thus the two trips to the Urgent care this year. He is always surprising us with his vocabulary. For instance, at 2 ½ he would ask, “Mom, is this inappropriate?” followed by an action that required me to answer “Yes” (Note: this was during potty training over the summer.) This brings me to the best news for Cole—No More Diapers in our house!

The Bradford's

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Amy and the boys said...

Charity, thanks for the update! That cake is beeeautiful! You are one talented lady. Can't wait to see where your novel goes this year...