Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ward Temple Trip

Today was Kiah's first youth temple trip. It was also our ward's temple day. The whole ward was invited to drive down, enjoy the spirit of the temple and then eat lunch together. The day started rainy and cold. It didn't warm up but at least the rain stopped. The primary children had some fun activities at the park next to the temple while they waited for the parents and youth to finish at the temple. The primary kids also went on a little tour around the temple grounds.

After lunch our family went to a swampy state park nearby. It was amazing! We walked about 6 miles (guessing, but we walked 3 hours without stopping very much). Here are some of my favorite pics from the day. You will notice that Ashlee opted out of the swamp and went home with a friend instead.
Don't you want to just stay here forever? My first thought was, "I want to run here every day." To bad it would be a four hour round trip just to run.

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