Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sountrack for my book

I really wanted to post some of the songs that really pack some of the emotional inspiration for parts of my book. I did not however want to turn off my current playlist, so I posted the soundtrack on my food/running blog.

If you are curious, just go Here to read up on it and listen to some lovely love songs. And no, my book is not strictly a romance, but there is a thread running throughout that these five songs really fit well with.

I'm currently looking for some good rockin' tunes to listen to while I rework the battles and chases. If you have any ideas for good suspenseful, fear invoking, driving songs, please send them my way. This part of my book needs the most work and I could use some emotional inspiration to help get me in the right frame of mind. (I guess my life is too good to write about certain kinds of pain.)


Anonymous said...

You could use some of the crouching tiger hidden dragon music--see, that would add a whole new element to the story, when everyone fights, they would fight like they do in crouching tiger hidden dragon; or go the complete opposite and use the Lord of the Rings soundtrack--that is pretty intense music--and we have both :)Although I am smiling a little bit at the aliens fighting like in crouching tiger, or at least have Talia fight like that :)--NB

Anonymous said...

Linkin Park and Within Temptation have some good beats to them that could easily be battle music.