Thursday, October 1, 2009

The end of September

A week in pictures.
One day we went for a two mile walk and Cole rode on his scooter. This meant that I ended up carrying it most of the time. When we got home he grabbed his bear, lay down on the couch and went to sleep in 2 minutes. No, really, it only took 2 minutes from walking through the door to him being OUT! Unfortunately, 10 minutes later I had to wake him up to go get the kids from school.
This is what happens when you forget that you are not a superhero. We decided to rearrange the upstairs last weekend and I thought the plan was to put the couch in our bedroom until we could decide what to do with it. I managed to get it out of the bonus room, up 2 steps, and down the hall by myself. Sometimes I can be very impatient and I wanted to surprise Nathan by getting it done. Well, this is as far as I got. It was physically impossible to get the couch through the door, but by this point I was too tired to put it back in the bonus room. The kids and I just crawled over it until Nathan got home to help me. (and yes, our walls are that dirty! Cole has decorated all of them and I have decided it isn't worth painting again until I am certain he won't do it again. There are currently four different colors and patterns on this upstairs wall.)
I got to run a race this weekend! Yay for me, I now have a new shirt. I ran a 7k with my friend Laura (4.6 miles). We ran the whole time and it was a great run. We finished in 46 minutes which made us very happy. (Pictures from the carnival afterward to come in another post)

Kiah had a project due.
And a birthday.
Nathan made this great space themed cake for Kiah, because I was too busy! The rice crispy space ship has landed on the moon amid the ice stars. How do you like our stick 1?

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