Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's not my birthday!

So, a couple of months ago I found this great little book of party ideas. I wanted to have one more lunch party with some of my girlfriends before the kids got out of school for the summer. I browsed through the book and really liked the idea of an Un-birthday party. The whole idea boiled down to having a celebration that it wasn't our birthday and we were not a year older, but still get presents and cake. I decorated with streamers and made a big not a birthday cake. (It was actually a practice session for Suanna's wedding cake coming up in October)

I invited some friends (if you didn't get an invite, I'm sorry! I could only fit so many people, but I want to do it again in a few months and invite totally different people. There were so many people that I WANTED to invite.) and asked them to bring a white elephant gift. Then I planned lunch. We had an oriental theme with teriyaki chicken and fried rice and a cabbage noodle salad. I really enjoyed myself and I hope my friends did too. Here's to starting the summer off right!

I think the top layer looked awful, but the middle and bottom layer turned out pretty good. It was supposed to be a topsy turvy style cake. The top layer didn't have a steep enough slope so it just looked like it has sunk a little and was sliding off the cake. The stripes didn't work either. But I learned a lot doing it so next time it will be easier and look better. That's what practice is all about!
We had some pop rocks candy because that was something that reminded me of being young. I also had cute little key chains for everyone, but forgot to tell them to take one! I'll save them for next time.
So, Suanna, I will practice some more, buy the tools I need and you will have an awesome cake in October! This cake is a lot smaller than what yours will actually be. Each tier will be at least three layers or cake, this one only has 2 layers and the bottom is only 1 layer. I didn't need that much cake! :) And I will probably make yours four tiers as well.

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