Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day! and other stuff...

What a nice day today was, although it was a little sad too. My kids are still in TN with their Granny and so they were not here for Father's Day. That is the sad part. When the primary children sang at church I was sad because they were not here for Nathan, but there were still bright moments for him today. He got to sleep in late and since I didn't have to worry about getting four other people ready for church I made him a nice breakfast. (Egg and cheese croissants with fruit and dip.) After church we had a nice quiet dinner without anyone complaining about the food. So, I guess what I'm getting at is that we haven't missed them too much yet. :) The house has been clean for the whole week, spotless in fact, and very quiet. I think we both needed that. In fact, Nathan has been working hard all week on a project for the girls.

Adam and Ashlee have been sharing a room, but we feel they are too old to continue doing that. In order to help the girls get along better in their room, we have tried to make it nice for them. There are no before pictures because the room was completely trashed. Embarrassingly icky! I don't think there was a surface that had not been written on by someone (and not Cole). Nathan patched holes and painted the room. Then he took down the bunk beds so that each girl has her own "side". Eventually, we will accessorize and make them some duvet covers that won't clash with the walls, but here is where we are now.Isn't Nathan awesome! He did all of that while I was at girl's camp. I helped moved personal items back and forth tonight so that it will almost be done when the kids come home.

So, today I really got to enjoy being with my hubby and thinking about all the things that I love about him. I've known him for so long that it is very easy to take some things for granted. He has always been this amazing person. I remember when we were youth thinking that he was the kind of boy I wanted to grow up and marry. He kept high standards and values, was fun to hang out with (he could always make me laugh and still can), and he had this talent for making you feel like you were the most important person in the room. As a teen he was very busy. He was in lots of clubs, swim team, student government, plus all of the church activities. Because of that I never realized that he was shy until after we were married. As time went by, I found myself hoping that not only would I marry someone like Nathan, but that I would marry Nathan himself. He had been my standard, or ruler for so long that it finally hit me to stop comparing and keep the ruler. :)
As the years have gone by and our lives continue to change with the addition of children, moves across country, school, jobs, church callings, etc, I have come to love and respect him even more. He works so hard to provide for our family and still manages to come home and play games with our children. They love him so much! He has never avoided church responsibilities which has greatly blessed our whole family. We have been able to grow our testimonies together over the years thanks to his willingness to serve. You may wonder what his favorite calling is? Primary pianist. Yep, he loves being in with the kids and listening to their sweet voices.

My favorite thing about my hubby? He is an awesome dancer and kisser. Oh, and he helps me clean regularly! You don't get any more Prince Charming than that!


flori said...

You're killing me--a week at girls camp wasn't enough? You're remodeling too?! The room looks GREAT and I'm sure they'll love it! Call me if you want help making covers or curtains.

Charity said...

Nathan did all the work. I tried to help move clothes and stuff back and forth, but didn't get a lot done because I was so tired.

I will probably call you to help with curtains and duvet covers since my machine doesn't work ;)

edith said...

What a nice tribute!
I've been meaning to recommend Brandon Sanderson's book Elantris to you. And his Mistborn trilogy. I hesitate a little on the trilogy because it is fairly violent. But still a fascinating premise and well written characters.
I know I should do it through the Good Reads, but I'm lazy.
And I don't think I could recommend it to very many of my friends. Too Fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charity--I love you very much as well. And FYI, I printed this off to show you the next time I get into trouble--just as a reminder :)