Saturday, June 6, 2009

A weekend of Cakes

It has been a busy weekend. My son Adam had a birthday and so did one of my neighbors. I made both cakes. It was good to be baking again. It has been a long time. There were some...complications...along the way. I don't know if it was my cake recipe or the 24 hours of rain that affected things, but it all came out well in the end.
Friday--Adam's cake (the race car) is finished. The duck's were made as well as the pond.
Look how cute the little duckie is!
By 9pm he had lost his head! Oh, no!
Saturday--Duckie #2 is on the pond and duckie #3 is cooling.
My hands just couldn't take a fourth star job, so the toddlers cake is just "fluffy"
Close up of Adam's car. I made chocolate butter-cream for the black. Starting with chocolate made it easier to get a true black for the tires. Below is Adam blowing out his candles even though Cole has already started eating on his cake.

One more cake adventures coming up on Monday.


Amy and the boys said...

Love the cakes! You are so talented with them. I have a couple of brand new Wilton cake pans that I never used and need to get rid of since we're moving. Do you use those or just cut your own cakes?

Charity said...

Woo hoo! I have 2 new cake pans coming. I can't wait to try them out. Cole loves trains so I think I will be using that for his birthday in October.