Monday, March 2, 2009

A REAL Snow day!

We finally had a snow day that included snow! It was so pretty falling all night. Some of the flakes were pretty big at one point. The kids were so excited because they knew there would be no school. We let everyone stay up late and we played Phase 10 and ate popcorn until 11:30pm. That's when I said we had to go to sleep because I knew that Cole would be up at 7am no matter what!

Once again we joined our neighbors at the hill by the lake. It is so much fun to watch all the kids having fun together. There were snowboards, sleds, inner tubes, a little of everything. We actually took our boogie boards because we couldn't find one of our saucer sleds. They didn't work the best, but Kiah managed to get some speed out of them.
Kiah soaking it all in! Cole was having fun eating the snow, I had to keep my eye on what he was eating!
Kiah, dragging Adam down the hill. Somewhere along the way he lost his sled. Oh, I see he is dragging it behind him.
Nathan and Cole

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