Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Service

What a fun day we have had today. Nathan has been gone all day with the youth, so I needed a good activity for the kids. I guess I need to go back a little first--last Sunday on the way home from church I made a comment about all of the trash along side one of the roads. It was something to the effect of "every time I see that I just want to stop and clean it up."

The kids got really excited and started yelling, "Can we?! Can we!?" So, I got to thinking about it and before we reached home we had decided to clean it up today while Nathan was gone. They talked about it all week and wanted to invite all of their friends. Kids are so wonderful! Why do we lose that kind of excitement to do hard work that will do so much good? I'm sad to say that I didn't make a big effort to invite people, maybe next time.

Anyway, after dropping Cole off at a neighbor's house we headed out with all the trash bags we owned. It only took an hour for us to fill all of our bags and we didn't make it very far down one side of the road. It amazes me how thoughtless people are. There were spots where you could tell that someone gathered all the trash in their car, put it in a plastic shopping bag and tossed it out of the window. There were more beer cans and bottles than we cared to count.

I really wish that I had taken my camera to get a picture of the kids. They were so excited to be cleaning up and I was very proud of them. They never complained even though part of where we cleaned was lined with briers and several of us ended up bleeding onto our bags. We also had one funny moment when Adam realized he was standing on an ant hill and he started dancing around to get them all off.

When we ran out of bags we put them all in a dumpster. Two or three bags ripped open while being carried back to the car and so we had to pick it up again. We ended up with ten bags full of trash! In one hour, on one side of the road, a distance of about 2/10 of a mile! Scary!

Not our trash bags since I didn't have a camera.

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Laura D said...

I didn't realize you were talking about so much trash!