Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kiah, Ashlee and Nathan all got new reading glasses this month. The girls and I went in first for our check ups. I was told I didn't need any glasses, but could get a prescription for my very slight difference in perfect vision. This really makes me laugh because I wore glasses all through high school and college. I only stopped wearing my contacts because they got really old and I never managed to get into the eye doctor for a check up between all of our moves. Kiah and Ashlee both needed glasses just for reading. They had a great time picking them out. Ashlee's are pink (of course!) and Kiah's are blue (what else did you expect?!). So very typical of their differences, but both pair really suit them.

Nathan looked through one of the girls glasses and was surprised at the difference they made, so he made an appointment and sure enough he needed reading glasses too. I think his make him look really sexy and sophisticated. ;)

Kiah was not happy to have her picture taken. She refused to be in the picture with Ashlee and Nathan last night, but I got her this morning.


edith said...

Cute glasses. Nice about your eyes getting better. My mom's did that but not until her 60's.

nathan said...

If I had known all I had to do to look sexy and sophisticated was get glasses, i would have done that years ago!!