Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great Ideas

I haven't posted much this month because anytime I sit down at the computer I am writing on my story. It is going really well and I am getting nervous about the crash that is going to come when I get stuck *fingers crossed that it won't happen*. Anyway, I just finished another 2 1/2 hours of writing and I am so excited about what I wrote that I know I won't be able to go to sleep yet anyway, so I thought I would read my friends blogs and post some catch up news.

First, I finally made another cake today. It turned out pretty good, but I still have not figured out how to get the icing stiff enough for this southern humidity. I keep adding powdered sugar and it looks and feels stiff, but all my roses "wilt" or melt every time. It is a little frustrating. At least I know it taste good anyway. This one was an orange juice cake for the Young Women in Excellence program tonight.

Second, my sister in law had/found (whatever, she did it) a great idea to post something that she is grateful for every day this month. She did a "catch up" entry, which is what I'm going to do as well. Plus, today in Sunday School I mentioned that I use this blog as my journal, so...

1. I am very grateful for my wonderful hubby! He is still my very best friend after all these years. He is very patient with me as I bounce from one hobby to the next and with all my moodiness in between. Nathan is a wonderful father who is not afraid to get down and play with the kids and be silly when they need him to be.

2. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach Sunday School at church. It has helped me to move from reading the scriptures to studying the scriptures. I am also grateful for everyone who makes comments in my class!

3. I am grateful for the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I love reading the stories and feeling how much our Heavenly Father loves us. He loves us so much that he has given us the tools that we need to learn of Him and His son, so we can find joy and happiness in this life as well as return to Him. The stories and gospel principles show His love and teach us how to live every day as He would have us live.

4. I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am grateful for His atoning sacrifice, for His love and mercy. I am grateful for the quiet times when I think of Him and feel the spirit feel my heart and testify that He truly did live, died for me (and you) and was resurrected. Because He lives, I know that we will also live again. I love knowing that He understands me better than I do myself, and because of that He has the answers I need. If I will only trust in Him and follow where He leads, I will always find peace.

5. I am grateful for Joseph Smith. He had the courage to stand by the vision he had as a young boy. He knew what he saw and heard and he never denied that. Through all the persecutions and finally his death, he did what the Lord asked him to do and restored the fullness of the gospel to the earth.

6. I am grateful that we have a prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson. Because Heavenly Father loves us as much as those who lived during the days of the Bible, he has not left us to make our way alone, unguided. He is the prophet for the whole earth, with the priesthood keys to receive revelation for our times. I love being reminded in such a loving way, that I can be better, I can do more than I am doing.

7. I am grateful for all of the fun times that we have as a family. We went and flew kites yesterday and it was so wonderful. The kids took turns with the two kites we had and we ran and laughed and had a great time. Before we left we enjoyed a beautiful sunset through dark stormy clouds. The bottoms lit up like they were on fire, it was gorgeous and we all wished we had the camera with us.

8. Laughter. Babies laughter, children's laughter, the laughter when you are sitting with your best girlfriends just being silly together, the laughter that takes your breath away and makes your sides and cheeks hurt and your eyes well up with tears. Yep, laughter is good.

9. My friends. When Nathan is busy (as he often is, love ya hun!), I am glad that I have friends that I can talk to who understand what I'm going through. We can call each other and vent if needed and share ideas on how to overcome our daily tests of motherhood.

10. I am grateful for a good book. Books are some of my best friends as much as real people. I have favorites that I keep for special occasions--one for when I need to cry, one for laughter, one for romance, a good adventure, you get the idea. I love being able to disappear into another world for a time. It helps me appreciate my world a lot more.

11. I am grateful for imagination. I feel blessed with a good one, and I've noticed that my children are just as lucky. I love to watch them create games or plays. It is so much healthier than sitting in front of the tv. I have really enjoyed watching my girls sit and write in their notebooks this month. As they've watched me write and get excited about my progress they have begun their own stories. It is wonderful! And their stories are awesome too!

12. I am grateful for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! Do I need to go into detail on this? I don't think so.

13. I am grateful for a healthy body that can move me where I want to go. I can see and hear all of the beautiful sights and sounds of this world. I can feel the breeze and the rain and smell all of my favorite flowers.

14. I am grateful for my warm bed at night. I am grateful for being able to fall asleep without any problems (98% of the time) and the ability to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed for the day. (I say this because Nathan tosses and turns all night and wakes up sore and tired)

15. I am grateful for talents. You may not think you have many (I didn't think I had some that I now know that I do) but we all have the ability to learn new ones all the time. I'm developing talents in baking/decorating, writing, and playing the piano. It is wonderful to be able to learn and grow even at my "middle" age. :)

16. And finally for today, I am grateful for my mother. She has always been an example of faith and endurance. She has always been my friend as much as a mother. I always know that I can talk with her about anything and get an honest answer. She never judges us, but just loves us for who we are while reminding us of who we really are. She encourages us to go out and enjoy life while making good choices. I also love that she will scrimp and save to go on a vacation because that is what living is all about--doing something that makes you feel alive! She loves her grandchildren and spoils them!


edith said...

Charity! You're so far along on your novel! Impressive!
And I like your thankfulness list. But I should say that my visiting teachee told me that those magic erasers can really burn a kid's skin if they use it on themselves. Just fyi.

Laura D said...

Wow! Good job catching up!

Charity said...

Edith, are you refering to that incident oh so long ago when I was not as bright and intelligent a mom as I am now? :) Right before Easter Sunday (years ago) the girls got some of those water tatoos and I tried to use a magic eraser to get them off. They were left with red carpet burns on their arms. Not one of my brighter moments!

Sarah Ragatz said...

Okay, so now I know not to use a magic eraser on skin. Thanks for the tip, helpful for us new mothers. I like hearing about the things you're grateful for. Its nice to take a minute (or two) to think about all of things I've been given. Reading your post helped me think of some of the things I've taken for granted lately. Thanks!