Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

The weather has been so beautiful this week. I've loved driving and seeing all the wonderful colors on the trees. They have been breath taking this year. Unfortunately, I can't drive and take pictures, but today Nathan was driving so I tried to get a few. Most of the colors are starting to brown just a little, but there were some great trees in the park we visited today. Enjoy!

First, Cole is now sleeping in his toddler bed. He is growing up so fast!

All of these leaves came off the same tree. It was beautiful, but the lighting wasn't cooperating with me.

This picture is for all of my friends living in places where it is freezing and they are already getting snow. November and we are in short sleeves and barefoot! I love living in the South.

Isn't this just gorgeous!


Ryan said...

Well hey there Charity! Looks like you guys are healthy and happy! You have a beautiful family! What is your email address? I want invite you to my blog. ~Ryan

Ryan said...

got it thanks!

Amy and the boys said...

Ok, ok- just rub it in! We can't wait to head south. One more winter (sigh)...