Saturday, October 4, 2008

Komen Race for the Cure 2008

This was a great run. I think Nathan and I both had a great run. I know that I personally felt strong and was able to win that mental battle to keep going. I tied my best time which I think is really good since there were more hills on this course. Nathan came in at 30:33, and I came in at 32:08. Nathan wants it noted that he could have done it faster, but he took all of these great pictures with our camera while running.

The girls did really well too. They did not have chips so I am not certain what their time was, but I am guessing around 35 minutes. All I know is that it feels GOOD to beat them! I guess the training really does pay off. I don't care who you are, it is a huge boost to be faster than someone younger than you who should be leaving you in the dust. :)

You can see people wearing the Pink "In Memory of" or "In Celebration of" papers on their back. There were lots of kids running with "Mom" written on their backs. I wish you could have been here to see all the names and all the smiles. In every trial there is always hope and that is what today was about.

My favorite t-shirt of this race was a man who's shirt said, "What lies before us and behind us is nothing compared to what lies within us." Now that is one eternal truth we should all remember!


Alison B said...

that is so awesome. good for you!!! I'm proud of you. I wanted to run it, but maybe next year. ;)

Ellenamo said...

I've never been very active, but I've recently started walking. Maybe somewhere down the road I can try a race. You're awesome!

Jenny said...

Good job guys! That is awesome. I am so proud of you guys. You are running races like crazy these days!
I am going to run the St. Jude 5K in December. I started "training for it about a week ago. I asked someone in my cove to exerising in the morning but I found out she can't run so I have to walk with her in the mornings and then if Matthew gets home at a decent hour I run in the evenings. I was running with my stroller but it isn't a jogging stroller and it is hard to control going over the sidewalks. Anyway, on saturday I ran while I was at mom and dads and dad followed me around in the car. I ran 3 miles in 33 minutes. He didn't know the exact seconds. I am not sure what a good time is but I am guessing that I will only hopefully get better from here on out. We shall see.

Charity said...

We will definitely have to get a group together next year.

Ellen, I told Kara that if she would train, I would try to save money to come out there and run one with her. She runs on the treadmill, but she said no way. :( Maybe I'll have to come out and run with you!

Good for you Jenny! I tried to win registration for the 1/2 marathon. But I never win anything so I guess we will just stay here. Tell Matthew to take lots of pictures. Oh, and your time is right with mine so you are doing great! you will end up faster than me before you know it.

Jenny said...

I honestly do not care my time as long and I can run the whole time and can finish! that is my goal this time arounD!