Sunday, February 3, 2008


Jenny tagged me so I guess I'll try and come up with something. I'm supposed to list 6 things about myself.

1. I love to read. I love to read so much that ever since I was in the 5th grade, I've wanted to write a book myself. I think it would be so cool to walk into a library and find a book with your name on it! I started several stories over the years, but have never finished any. The most promising (at least length wise) is a sci-fi book that is up to 120 pages. Maybe one day I'll finish one of them.

2. I would love, LOVE, love to take private ballroom dance lessons with Nathan. Both of us would, but they are really expensive and with four kids we can't afford a babysitter on top of it. Maybe in another year, when Kiah is 12, we can pay her to babysit for cheap.

3. Ok, so here is another "dream" of mine. I would love to own a little cake shop. I can see it all decorated with cakes and little tables for tasting. I would only do cakes, no cookies or anything else. Just cakes.

4. When all the kids are grown and off on their own, and after Nathan and I serve a mission together, I want to run a Bed and Breakfast. I haven't decided where yet because there are too many places that I haven't been. But I would love to decorate it and then get to cook for people every day. I am very social and this would be fun.

5. I put together the newsletter for my Home Owners Association. I love doing it, but sometimes I wish I could just forget about the Board and put just fun stuff in it. :) I sell the advertising for it and pester the Board to send me their stuff. When it is all done it is delivered to 825 homes! Pretty cool, huh?

6. Gosh, it is hard to think of six things! Ok, I'm addicted to video games and computer games. I've been trying not to play them as often, and I think I'm doing better. I haven't played the Nintendo in about 6 months! Yay for me! Mmm, computer games are a different story. I like the Diner Dash type games. I've found a site where I can try them for free for an hour, but if you never turn it off you can play longer. I can beat most of them within 24 hours (off and on, not continuous).

ok, I'm going to tag Amy, Edith and Meghan.


Rob & Amy said...

Ok, here's the thing. I am about 5 tags behind now. I got tagged a bunch in Dec when I was just too darn busy! We'll see if I get caught up. That's about 30 things I have to list about myself- Oi!

Charity said...

Hee hee, just do the 6, or whatever.