Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Kid's Clubhouse

We have wanted to build the kids a playground ever since we moved to Charlotte, but until this weekend it just wasn't working out. When we got our tax return we decided it was time to do it. It came in two skinny boxes and we were all excited. Then we opened the boxes and saw all the pieces! About 116 pieces of wood and 6 bags of screws, washers, nuts and bolts! The instructions also said that it would take 2 "skilled" workers about 16 hours to complete. Oh boy!

The kids set the slide up on the deck and started breaking it in. You can see it in the background.

2 hours in.

After four hours the sun was starting to set. We had the top floor, porch floor and lower floor all layed. Not pictured, but we also had three of the top wall supports up as well. We will post more pictures as the project progresses. All in all I think we are doing pretty good. We worked out a great system. Nathan does the work :) and I get everything ready for the next step and hand it to him. That way we just keep moving.


edith said...

Hah! That sounds like a good mix of torture and fun. You'll have to keep track of how long it takes you for real. I'm so jealous that you are outside on your grass doing anything. We won't see grass for a month.

Charity said...

:) We only had one day of snow this year and it was only about an inch turning to rain half way through the day. The temp keeps playing games though. One day we are in short sleeves, the next we are wearing our coats again. I can't believe all the snow you guys have had!