Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rock Child

Our neighbor decided to clean out her son's clothes and we were the lucky recipients. This is one of the shirts that was in the bag. I love it! I put it on him last Sunday morning with some baggy green cargo pants. He was so cute. He went down for a nap about 10 o'clock, and when it was time to head to church he was still sleeping. I loaded the car with the other kids and all our bags :) and then woke him up. I put him straight into the car with a sippy cup and crackers. There wasn't any time to change him, so our "rock child" went to church. A lot of people got a good laugh out of it because he was also dragging his teddy bear around.


Rob & Amy said...

Cute! I love that pose he's doing like he's playing a guitar. That reminds me of when Brandon wore his pumpkin shirt to church the day before Halloween- except he wore it b/c he refused to wear anything else.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's suanna i really like this picture it's cute!