Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No School Day

The kids and Nathan all had Veteran's Day off on Monday. After struggling to get all there chores done around the house, we treated them to Chuck E Cheese. Not our favorite place, but we haven't taken them since Utah. In Utah they used to have "all rides/games free" from 11-2pm. They don't do that here. :( But we had a coupon for a lot of tokens and cheaper pizza. I think they all enjoyed themselves even though Kiah told us she was too old for Chuck E Cheese. They had a great time trying to collect the most tickets. We were only there for an hour, but it seemed like F O R E V E R! :) I'm glad they enjoyed it though.


Rob & Amy said...

ooooo I love the new family picture. We just got ours done but I'm waiting to post it until after i send out Christmas cards! Anyway, love the new look!

Charity said...

Thanks! We are still trying to decide which picture to use for our Christmas cards. Can't wait to see your too.