Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nathan's 10K

I watched my friend Laura's children so that she could run the 5K with her husband. While we were waiting I let the kids play on the playground. I think they had a good time, and we made it to the finish line just as their dad was coming in. Their mom wasn't too far behind and actually earned a 3rd place ribbon for her age group!

You can't see Ashlee very well, but here are all seven kids waiting for the races to be over.

Nathan ran in his first 10K on Saturday, November 10, 2007. That is 6.2 miles. It was Really cold that day, but I think Nathan did a great job! Here you can see him coming up to the finish line with Adam and Ashlee running beside him. It was so hard to not be running! Once you run in a road race it becomes addictive. Nathan is giving me a hard time because I said I would not run anymore this year, but I would really like to run the Jingle 5K in Dec. At least it is a healthy hobby/addiction. I'll let you know if I run :)

Here is Nathan and two of his friends from church. All three of them ran the 10K. Jeremy (692) is running the half marathon in December. Nathan and I are planning to run the Music City Half Marathon at the end of April next year. Nathan has a jump on miles on me so I have to get busy. We've heard that the Music City run is one of the biggest road race parties of the year. Our bishop ran it and said he would run it anytime. They have 26 live bands throughout the marathon course, and about 24,000 people run it! He says it is quite the rush; I can't wait! We are trying to convince our families to run/walk it with us. If you can walk 13 miles in 4 hours you meet the time requirements and get a medal just for finishing. Nathan and I both want to run it and finish as close to 2 hours as we can. I get excited just thinking about it! If you want to run with us, click on the new link on the side bar. It is $75 if you register before the end of December, then it takes a jump upward. We would love to see you at the party!

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