Monday, January 9, 2017

College and Missions--Ready, Set, Go!

We survived the craziness of sending off a missionary and a first time college student the first three days of January! It was quite the adventure.

First, after Kiah was set apart as a missionary for our church on Sunday, January 1st, Ashlee and I started the 2 day drive out to BYU-I. I spent one day helping her shop and get settled, so there wasn't a lot of thought about taking selfies. Now, I wish we had paused long enough to do that. We did take a picture out her dorm window. 

Ashlee is ecstatic about the snow. I can't say that I miss living in that much snow. :)

Especially when you have to drive in it.

While Ashlee and I were driving west, Nathan drove Kiah east. Here are pictures of her when she met her mission president and his wife. 
 All the new missionaries arriving in the Little Rock Mission...
And her new companions at a dinner appointment. 

What do I love the most about these pictures? Kiah's smile! She's smiling her "real" smile. I guess being Sister Bradford really suits her.

As soon as we get our first letter, I'll let you know how she's doing and what she thinks about all of this.

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