Sunday, August 25, 2013

School Is Back In Session!

We've survived the first week of Back to School. It's great to be settling back into a schedule. However, now we start the second week. That means I need to actually start my daily routines. :)

Last week I got 3 days of running in by dressing in my gear to walk the boys to the bus stop. Once they hop on I just go. It's working great! Then shower and start cleaning so that the house is nice and quiet for writing time.

Last week I spent four days reacquainting myself with my YA Fantasy. I have about 120 pages written and after a quick scan through to fix a few changes I mulled over the summer, I'm ready to finish the writing over the next few weeks. I'd really like to get the draft completed by mid September. It's possible, but I really need to focus.

I've also got a short story anthology that's almost ready to publish. Once these two are done, I'll concentrate on the next installment of Talia's story. Keep your fingers crossed that she'll want to talk to me by November. Since I trashed  the 2/3rds finished novel I had started for her, I need to get the new one drafted out for Nanowrimo. Time is a ticking!

Here's some family updates:

Nathan--recently released from the Branch Presidency and called to the High Counsel. Still loving working for Walmart, still needs a hobby. :)

Kiah--a junior this year! I can't even believe that. She's back in Orchestra and taking some other classes I think sound really fun and/or fascinating. Pre-AP Physics? Oh, yeah. I'd love to sit through that class as long as I didn't have to take the tests.
Ashlee--started high school this year. In Women's Choir and taking French 1. She's doing a much better job at waking early in the morning for seminary than I had anticipated. I think it helps that she can go in her jammies and then have plenty of time to shower and prepare for school afterward.

Adam--is in his last year of middle school (they have elementary K-4, Middle 5-6, and Junior High 7-8 here). He's starting band and will be learning to play the trumpet. He is SO excited about this. We still need to find out where/when and how to get him on a swim team since that is something he really misses about Charlotte.

Cole--is in his 3rd school and is only starting the 1st grade. Poor kid! Hopefully there won't be any rezoning for a long time and if they do he will get to stay where he's at. He is finally getting to know kids in the neighborhood to play with and that's been a huge help in calming down his anger and frustration.

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edith said...

So much of this sounds familiar! This is my first year with all kids in full day school, too! And I've never been good at routines, but I've got tons of lists.
May I suggest, as a hobby for Nathan, the rage among all my brothers, brothers-in-law, and hubby?: disc golf! They even do it for exercise by trying to get through all 22 holes in under 28 minutes. It helps that they set up a course in our back yard, but I'll bet there's a course near you somewhere.