Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ashlee's First 1/2 Marathon

Ashlee walked her first 1/2 Marathon on April 6th. She filled in last minute for Nathan since he has a bone spur in his foot. None of us had been training the way we should, but we figured doing the race anyway would help us get started again.

Plus we really wanted the shiny medals.

I'm so proud of Ashlee for finishing this race. It was not easy. She was in a lot of pain from where she broke her ankle two years ago. Many times she was in tears and we would stop so she could put on or take off the ankle brace. She just couldn't find a way to get comfortable.

I hope she now knows that she can do really hard things as long as she keeps trying.
 Running past the dog park mile 10 or so.
 Cole and Chewy joined us a bit.
Ash pretending she isn't in a lot of pain. 
 The end is finally here!
 I was yelling, "You've got to beat your mom!" And she did.
A hard earned medal.

Next year we are going to train and knock a whole hour off our time. How? By running!

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