Sunday, March 17, 2013

We're Still Alive! Bradford Update

Turns out I'm miserable about posting things on this site. I post all kinds of things in other places, but forget to come tell you what we're up to.

Nathan really loves this new job. It's fun even when challenging and he fits in just fine. He's also getting to know people in our ward quickly with his new calling as counselor in the branch presidency. Yes, I used ward and branch in the same sentence. Technically we are a branch, but we have 280 regularly attending members. We need 300 to be called a ward. It's really neat to be in an area where the church is so strong!

I survived the release of my book and now am trying to be "normal" again. It's hard. Nathan sent me to Charlotte for my release party and it was so wonderful to see so many of my dear friends. Every moment was surreal. Now that I'm home I'm trying to pay more attention to my YW calling and plan out the details of the next book. I'm feeling a bit of pressure to make this one better and to do it faster. Perhaps I need to just tune everything out and get back to writing because I have a story to tell and go from there.

Kiah is surviving her college sized high school. She's playing in the orchestra which is VERY good! We recorded their performance last week and I just need to upload them, so stayed tuned! She's the Mia Maid secretary and takes it very seriously. She's also made some friends and even offered to take one of them to the mall because she has never been! I know! I almost passed out with shock.

Ashlee is doing great too. She's singing in the women's choir and I love that! She's also making friends and it's fun to see the different things she's trying and learning that she likes. Like racquetball! She's also been running at school for gym and might run the 1/2 marathon with me in a couple of weeks.

Adam recently earned his Webelos Badge and is now working on getting his Arrow of Light before his birthday. He has also expressed an interest in joining the orchestra next year when he's allowed to. What instrument you ask? Violin is his first choice.

Cole. *sigh* What to say about dear Cole. He's making friends and doing great in school. His teacher says he works hard, stays on task and is already reading at the level he should at the end of the year. He's polite and kind at school. It's at home he struggles. He misses getting to run wild on the streets with his friends in Charlotte. It takes a bit more effort, but we are working on playdates so he can learn to love Arkansas too.

Chewy is quite happy with our new home. His favorite place is the dog park where he can run and play to  his hearts content. He also likes to sleep on the couch pillow in the sun light from the front window and watch the cars go by.


edith said...

Wow, your branch is bigger than our ward. We have had a lot of move outs in the last few years and the new people are only vacation home-owners.
It's good to hear that your family is doing well after the move--that's a major thing.

Charity Bradford said...

:) Yep, it's the strangest branch I've ever been a part of because its so huge. I think it's because there is a 95% activity rate here--wonderful!