Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Busy Day!

I wanted to sit at home today and do nothing. Maybe if I could do nothing and have nowhere to go, I might feel like cleaning my house. It's sort of fallen apart because I've been everywhere but home for almost three weeks.

Luckily, I have friends who know better ways to help me relax. My good friend Laura called and asked if I wanted to go out on the lake with them in their kayaks. They had a new two man kayak that needed testing.

It was perfect! It may only be March, but the sun was hot and the water cool. (This isn't me, but my friend Laura. Since I had the camera with  me in the one man kayak I managed to stay out of all the pictures. I'm crafty like that.)
We even did some geocaching while we were out there.

Picking and trading treats from the prize.

And later in the day we learned we were having a baby.

Did I scare you?

We are NOT having another baby. We bought one instead.

The best thing? This was Nathan's idea! Yeah. Just this Wednesday he was still saying, "There's no way we will ever have another dog."

And then Thursday night on his way to bed, he looked in on Cole cuddled up with his stuffed dog. That's all it took. He decided that Cole needed a real dog.

24 hours later we found one and brought him home. It is like having a baby though. He cried at night and peed on the floor. To be fair, he was within 2 inches of the pee pad.

LOL, what have we gotten ourselves into? The kids are already in love. You should have seen the happy dances when we told them we were going to look at a puppy. Then Adam was so excited that we actually bought one that he almost threw up. He was shaking and sick until we managed to leave the people's driveway. Then he knew it was real.

So far our favorite names are:
Herbert Ninninger

Which do you like the best?


Flori said...

Charity--you totally got me! "We found out we're having a baby" came right at the end of the screen so I couldn't see the dog pictures. I about had a heart attack for you! And then I was confused. Really, you got a dog? After swearing never again?! :) He is really cute though!

Charity said...

Yes, we did. Hopefully with the kids older it will work out better. I've always had dogs and miss them when i don't have one, but for so many years the kids were enough.

This go around we are taking measures to avoid some of the mistakes we made in the past. We brush the dog every day. I touch his feet and face every day, etc. And we plan on taking an obedience class with him soon to get that all in order. We'll see how it goes.