Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Style

I had a major Oops this week. Well, not too major, but I'll let you decide.

In an attempt to steam clean my couch, I made a paste of Oxyclean and attacked. The arms were horrible. And when they dried they were worse. Why? Because the Oxyclean really cleaned up that ten years of grime. But only in spots.

That was Thursday. Nathan tried to fix it on Friday. Saturday I went shopping for new couches because we had a huge party planned for Sunday night. Pride may be a bad thing, but we were planning to buy new couches in February anyway.

Then I found the perfect couches.
On clearance.
Floor model.
A price I couldn't walk away from.
So I bought them.

Then I waited for Nathan to get home from the basketball game. We finally went to pick up the new couches, and after wandering the entire store--just to make sure of course--Nathan agreed they were perfect.

We also decided they wouldn't look right with our current color scheme. So we stopped by Lowes.

Here are the old colors--which we LOVED.
 And the new walls with the new couches.


Lindsey said...

looks GREAT!

Sarah Ragatz said...

I love the old colors but the new one really brightens things up in there! Its hard to decide which I like better since there's no furniture in the old picture... The new is certainly nice though!

Meghan said...

i really like it!

Jen said...

Oh My Goodness! That was one fast home improvement project!!! It looks great.

edith said...

I am so impressed with your masterful painting skills! I've been thinking about painting our living room for YEARS. I just hate to paint so much. . .
I think your couches (and walls) look great.

Flori said...

Hey, no fair--I want to come to a fun party at your house! the room looks GREAT!!! I did really love that chocolate brown wall, but the new paint looks great and it looks so clean and bright! It will stay that way always, right? ;) (Don't moms always promise themselves that?) Miss you!

Jenny said...

Looks great! I think it brightens everything up a lot more and makes the room look bigger! And I love the couches! Darker couches are always a smart move with kids...well maybe its just my kids! :)