Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flash Fiction

Just a note to let you know we are alive and well and enjoying the beautiful weather. Nathan and I are training for the CM 1/2 Marathon at the end of April and doing well. I don't think our heart is in it this year, so we are just hoping to finish and enjoy it.

On another note, I've been posting a lot on my Writing Blog. More than I should, I'm sure, but I'm learning so much and meeting lots of nice writers out there in Blog World. I've been participating in writing challenges that hopefully are improving my skills. One challenge was to submit some flash fiction for publication. Flash fiction is short stand alone stories up to 1000 words--usually around 500-600.

I have now submitted two pieces. One to 365 Tomorrows (do not get paid for this one so I sent the one that needs a lot more work) and one to Flash Fiction Online (pay $50 if chosen). Both reply emails state that the turn around is three to four months. I'm learning that the publishing world does not move quickly. Agents, publishers, magazines, everyone has a huge pile of submissions and query letters to sift through. This knowledge really makes me want to send my novel query into the world as soon as possible, but I am being good and waiting until I think it is ready. And it isn't quite there, but I think it is oh so close!

*sighs* Now we wait and keep working on new stuff in the meantime.

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