Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bradford Update

Goodness, what can I post about? We have been very busy the last month and some great things are happening in our home. I think it would take too much time to go into detail about everything, but here are some highlights.

February--We posted our family rules on the fridge and our children started to be more obedient! Miracle #1. We have done this many times in the past in different forms--chore charts, sticker charts for good behavior, etc. This time I simply posted 3 rules and their consequences to the third offense along with a definition of priviledges. Our bedtime routine is also in one corner. For some reason this format worked. Maybe it is because I talked to each child individually and had them sign that they agreed to these rules and consequences.
Our only three rules are: Respect mom and dad's personal space by staying out of their room. Obey the first time. I will speak softly and with respect to those in our home.

March--This actually started the last weekend in February, but...I attended our Stake Relief Society Women's conference and the next component of a happy home fell into place. Sister Hoole flew in to speak to us about home management, and although there was nothing new in the discussion, her phrasing seemed to be the magic trick. I have now enjoyed a clean house for 1 1/2 weeks with very little effort on my part. Miracle #2.

Everyone does their part to keep things picked up, and I have not had to nag anyone to do it. Here are the three phrases that have been working their magic--No meals on wheels (food stays at the kitchen table). Leave every area better than you found it (don't walk over it, pick it up and put it away). Don't make work for someone else (clean up after yourself).

See? Nothing new, but once again my ranting and raving that "If you don't make the mess you don't have to clean it up!" did not work, but these phrases do. The kids have been great and our house feels so much nicer now.

We also had another fall of snow. Three in one year! At least this one did not keep the kids home from school.
Now that I have all this extra time NOT spent cleaning, I have been working daily on my novel. Revisions are moving along and I'm starting to think it might be possible to call it finished this year. That is on the good days, others days I still fear it is trash, but keep plugging along anyway.


lisapenn said...

Ok, can you come and give us a crash course now? ; )

Lindsey said...

Glad things are going well:) Cute snowman!