Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's and Braces

We are staying busy, but it seems to be with normal day to day stuff. I have been writing, blogging, cleaning house and driving in my van. If you missed it, check out my writing blog for the Valentine's Day piece I wrote for Blogfest. There are also new recipes going up this week on the Food Blog. My sweet hubby helped me pick out an awesome new laptop to help me squeeze in more writing during my day. Ok, now some pictures from the last week or so.
I just love this picture from our second freak snowstorm of the year. We need to get some bird seed.
Ok, now on to Valentine's Day.
I added a little red food coloring to the couscous.
Kiah was so excited to get the first stage of her braces. Just the top for the first 6 months. I don't remember any one being excited about braces, but I'm glad she is happy.
Kiah also painted her room over the weekend, but I'll have to post pictures on another day.


Lindsey said...

I cannot believe she was excited to get braces!!! I do not like them. They were so painful. I remember the day i got them. I got them early morning during school. Mom then took me to school. When school got out and when I got in the car i just started crying they hurt so bad! I mean of course I like the results... I didn't like going through it!

Joanna said...

Hey Charity...long, long time, no see! I found your blog in a really weird way (saw a comment by Edith Songer on SpaceStationNathan, clicked on her blog and saw you in her friend's list). Hope you don't mind the stalking, but it is great to see you all doing so well. Your kids are huge! You're doing really exciting things and I think it is wonderful that you are writing a book - I hope it is going swimmingly. Say hey to Nathan from Chad and I. Take care!