Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 2 Pep Talk

First, yesterday was an awful writing day for me. I was super busy and did not get a chance to sit down at the computer until 9:30pm and of course then I spent 1/2 an hour catching up on emails. Blah! I really wanted to write something but I was so frazzled from my long day that I really could not focus my mind. I gave up, shut my computer off, and headed to bed. When I entered my room, my plans were thwarted once again. My hubby was taking a shower and so I could not change or brush my teeth and therefore I could not go to sleep.

I sat at my husband’s desk and just stared at the wall. Finally, I grabbed my trusty yellow notebook and my favorite pen. I did not want to type on the computer, but I realized that I did want to write. I love how the words flow from my pen. I would probably be a much better writer if I always wrote with pen instead of the computer, but who wants to sit and decipher the artistic script when it is all said and done? I write small, cramped and often half-formed cursive that requires the intelligence of a detective to read. I decided a few pages of written word would be worth sludging through if it moved my word count up for the day.

With pen poised, I thought of where my typed manuscript left off. Even though I knew where I was and where I needed to go, that part of the story shyly eluded me, but another part jumped up and down screaming for my attention. At the kick off party someone asked if those of us present wrote in chronological order or skipped around. Until this week, I was a chronological kind of gal. Last night I veered off and wrote the last few paragraphs of my story. I’m very excited about them and now I have a beginning to my story and the end. Now I just have to write all that middle stuff.

I just finished typing last nights work and am proud to report that I managed 15K before midnight on Monday. Isn’t that what Chris Baty and crew were aiming for last night? So, when you get stuck, don’t give up, try something new just to keep you moving!

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