Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photo Update

It seems that life is just moving along too fast! I keep thinking, tomorrow I will take the time to write an awesome blog post and get everyone up to date on our busy lives. And it just doesn't happen. Then I forget and that is really sad. I want to remember all the funny wonderful things that are speeding by.

I just realized that I didn't even take pictures of my kids on the first day of school. Aaahhh! I've never forgotten that before. I have however managed to fill my days with so many other things that maybe they will forgive me. Here are some random pictures that were on the camera to update you a little on the last two weeks--not in chronological order.
A little cake. That crazy errant vine is killing me! Read more HERE.This is one of my students. Look at how proud he is of the waffles he helped make! This is why this will be the perfect job for me. I love seeing how excited the kids get when they realized they can do it.
The wall behind the dryer. Our dryer has not worked very well for the last three years, but it worked well enough...until the last month. I would have to run a load of clothes through at least three times to get them dry. Last week that didn't even work. So, after several conversations with friends and neighbors I decided I needed to really clean out the vent pipes. One neighbor had this nifty thing that was 12 feet long and you attached it to your drill to clean the exhaust hose that runs from the dryer to the outside vent. I borrowed it and went to work. At one point I was having problems and asked Nathan to come help me. This is an example of how men and women's brains just work differently--at one point Nathan reversed the drill to pull the length of plastic cord out. I never would have thought to do that! However, when he did that it unscrewed one of the three foot lengths. It was left, with the brush on it, somewhere in the bowels of our house. We finally decided to make a bigger hole in the wall and I was able to reach in my arm (up to the top of my shoulder) and grab the plastic rod and pull it out.

Nathan later patched it up better than it was before. Funny thing, it didn't help the dryer at all! I finally unhooked the hose and tried running a load. It worked perfectly, so there is definitely something gumming up the hose. I'm just glad we don't need to buy a new dryer.
Our DS addicted child. This is how he fell asleep several days in a row. Now it has disappeared and none of the kids know where it is. (Sorry Mom! They are trying to find it)

Cole really wanted to paint. He has been so sad with the kids gone all day that I finally gave in. And don't think that you could have resisted him either! His little voice coming from the back seat after dropping the kids off at school saying, "I miss them" all teary sounding would melt any one's resolve.
It started out so nicely......oh well. He is still awfully cute!

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Nick and Kathy said...

and that isn't even half of what you have done! You amaze me. I would have given into Cole as well. Good Mommy award goes to you!