Friday, September 11, 2009

11 mile bike ride

Last Saturday we went on a family bike ride. We put down all the seats in the van and loaded it with our bikes and headed to the Greenway. The kids rode in the car while Nathan drove the van ahead to start unloading. It was a beautiful day and we could not have asked for nicer weather.

We just kept going and ended up with 11 miles total. We were all very tired by the time we finished, but Cole was the only one lucky enough to catch a nap. He is getting to big for the trailer, but not quite big enough to ride his own bike yet.
Nathan's bike broke around mile 9. And by broken I mean severed metal requiring a welder to fix. How does that happen? Luckily he only paid $25 for the bike at Goodwill. Now we have to get him a new one. Kiah and Adam are also due new bikes. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!

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Lindsey said...

Love that yall do so many family activities together. Sounds like lots of fun!