Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 Birthdays, 1 Anniversary, and an 80's Dance

Wow! We have been very busy since coming home from the beach. Ashlee and I had birthdays, Nathan and I celebrated 13 married years, and we had an 80's Dance at church. There were a few other things in the last two weeks as well, but these are the most blog worthy.

First, Ashlee's birthday!
She helped make and decorate this cake with one of her friends from school. It was super yummy, and massively huge! She also got a much asked for (think begging, pleading and tantrum throwing for almost a year) new bike.

My birthday!
I had a great birthday. First, I went to a friends house and enjoyed a couple of hours of Girls Night Out. When I returned home, my family was waiting with this great cake that they made for me. (Way too much cake during this week by the way!) Part of it is sugar cookie and part cake. It was very yummy. My family bought me some more "ME" time at a local pottery place. I can't wait to go use that time. Another dear friend made me this sweet new apron. I love the fabric! It is sooo me. I am saving it for my first day of cooking class. If you want to check out some of her other aprons, bags, and home goods you can visit her Etsy shop Calicobirdie.

I don't have any pictures from our anniversary, but Nathan and I went to eat at one of my new favorite restaurants. I've only been there twice, but it is oh so good! Maddie's Southern Bistro at Birkdale Village. (I would add a link, but for some reason my browser won't let me open it) They have these amazing fried green tomatoes, and this last visit I tried their mac and cheese. Did you know that macaroni and cheese could be heavenly?! I didn't! It was so smooth and creamy with a spicy kick.

After dinner we finally went to see Harry Potter. I'm still not sure how I feel about the movie. Since I am very much a book person, I am often disappointed in the movie versions. After I watch the movie a couple of times I can decide whether or not I like it as a movie, totally unrelated to the book. I'm not at that point yet. :)

Oh, I got so busy trying to figure out why my spyware program won't let me open Maddie's site that I almost forgot the 80's dance. You know how much Nathan and I like to dance, and even though we prefer swing or ballroom, this was loads of fun. We just can't fast dance to save our lives! Anyway, we attempted to get dressed up for the occasion but didn't have a lot of luck finding what we were looking for. This is as close as we could get to 80's wear. My "wing" skills are seriously lacking. Granted I haven't used that much hairspray in a long time! I also don't think I've ever worn that much make up. You can't even tell in this picture how big I did get my hair. Oh well! Better luck next time. Wonder if the ward would go for a good ole southern cotillion? That would be cool, but probably only to me and Nathan.


Jenny said...

Sounds busy but a lot of fun!! Happy Birthday to you and Ashlee! What a horrible, sister-in-law/aunt I am! I can't even remember my own kids birthdays. I told Matthew today that I had been taking a new vitamin that was suppose to improve brain function, maybe it will help! :)

Your outfits are GREAT!!! I love them!!!

edith said...

Happy birthday!
I love cake. Sigh. And it loves me. It never leaves me. You know, forever on the hips, and all.
Like the 80's do. We just watched "Back to the Future" with our kids.
We also watched a movie Casey remembered liking from the 80's called "The Last Dragon." It was awful. In so many ways. But they did show a lot of interesting 80's fashion.

flori said...

Fun post! I loved the 80s dance. I kept laughing to myself over the next few days whenever I would think about the outfits. Too funny and scary. Thanks for the link--the apron is cute on you!

Kristen S said...

hahaha love the big hair and Nathan's tight-rolled pants!!

Amy and the boys said...

What a cute apron!