Monday, July 13, 2009

Updates and Pics

I know that I haven't been posting any great news or thoughts lately. I've just been busy all day and then too tired at night to write anything. So, I'll try to give a brief update.

It has been three weeks since Girl's Camp (2 in my house) and we have managed to keep the house clean. It feels like the fighting and arguing has been better, but yesterday there was a resurgence that we need to get back under control. The house feels better though. Clean, a tiny bit quieter and not quite as much contention. The girls even seem to enjoy being in the same room although one or the other is always saying, "I'm switching back!" I think they feel that is a safe threat because they have been told that will not happen under any circumstance.

Cole is in big boy undies all the time now. Even at night. He goes before crawling in bed and then I take him again before I go to bed. If I ever wake early in the morning I take him again, just to make sure. I have to wash his bed clothes half of the mornings, but it is a start. He is telling me more often now and has even run to sit on the potty himself when I wasn't around. Yay! That is about $30 of savings a month (I buy cheap diapers).

Here are the few pictures that turned out on the night of the 4th. The first one makes me think of Harry Potter. Kiah's wand has chosen her! Next is a bearded Cole. The smoke looks like a beard to me and it is so funny. This was the first year that he got to hold the sparklers himself. Which may not have been good since you can see him chasing Ashlee in the next picture.

I made bread several times last week in an effort to not buy any. Here is a picture of how lovely they turned out.
Nathan and I also had a little bake off last night. You can read the full story about it HERE. I posted it all on my food blog as an entry in the GourmetGirlMagazine's Cupcake Crawl. They are chocolate peanut butter cupcakes made from scratch.


edith said...

Ooh, can I get your bread recipe?
Looks yummy.
So do the cupcakes, but I flee temptation!--don't send me the recipe for those.

Charity said...

Yes, I will post it next week on my food blog. I need to do that one and the snickerdoodle cake for the sister's cafe request.

Then I need to consider some new healthy meals...