Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day report

I had a lovely Mother's Day. I got to sleep in--almost 9am! Then while I was getting my shower, my family made a delicious breakfast for us with eggs, biscuits, bacon and sausage. It was a great way to start. How do you like the towel on my head? Not a decent picture for the whole day! :)Then Cole actually sat nicely all through sacrament meeting at church! That was probably the best gift all day. And then for the last hour of church, all the women got to eat a lovely snack in the gym. It was so nice to just relax and visit with the other women at church.

For Mother's Day I got a new bike.
We will get Nathan a bike for Father's Day, in the meantime we will be looking for something to put Cole in so we can all go on bike rides. Until last night, I thought that would be the biggest challenge. If only! I went on my first bike ride last night and found that it isn't as simple as just buying a bike. Oh my heavens!

I have not been on a bike since my teen years, I've never owned one with more than one speed, and we live in a very hilly neighborhood. Can I just say sore? You use totally different muscles riding a bike than running. I would rather run up a hill any day than ride up one. Holy Cow! Now I feel bad that I teased my kids when they rode their bikes and I ran. I had no idea. Isn't it funny how stupid we can become as adults? I hope my legs get stronger quickly so I don't have to feel like such a baby. *wink* Now I just want to get stronger before Nathan gets his bike. I can't look like a wimp in front of my husband! LOL. I tell you what, after last night's ride I'm really looking forward to my run today. That is going to be a piece of cake...mmm, cake...


edith said...

My mom has a special memory foam seat on her bike to cushion certain sensitive areas. Maybe you have one already?
I should really exercise. It took me three tries just to spell it, let alone do it!

Anonymous said...

the only memory thing her seat does it make her remember that she rode the bike that day--not very comfy :)