Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day?

Ok, this post is for all of my friends who actually get real SNOW during the winter. On Tuesday the kids got out of school because of snow. At 7:00am the kids were running through the house screaming, "It snowed! It snowed! Look at all the snow! Can we go out and play in it?" Even Cole took up the chant and ran from window to window with the excitement of SNOW.

I didn't bother to get out of bed. Nathan was a great dad and bundled everyone up and took them to the hill in our neighborhood so they could go sledding.

Are you serious????

It was really cold and there was more ice than snow.

This year Cole actually liked sliding down the hill.

This was the only picture of Ashlee we got. She was to fast!

It is so sad. One day I hope my children will get to enjoy real snow. But on the up side, you don't get a free day off of school for this kind of dusting anywhere else but the good ole South.


Lanna said...

Virginia has the same snow policy. If there's a dusting, no school. Alas, though, we haven't even had that. We have a week's worth of snow days that will probably not get used.

Alison B said...

OUr house got even less snow than yours! At least you sortof had enough to sled. It was a sad snow day. Love the south!!!!

Kristen S said...

It's so not doesn't matter if we get 3 feet of snow, there's no way school is getting out! And that would be a good excuse to miss work...the roads are too bad and the kids are out of school...guess I can't make it to work today!

Sarah Ragatz said...

Before seeing your pictures I wouldn't have even imagined sledding in that amount of so-called snow!