Friday, December 5, 2008

Strange reactions

Ok, we are really weak. Nathan and I were given the opportunity to pick out a Christmas present for our family from his parents. We discussed it, bought it and waited for it to be delivered. It came today. Poor Nathan had to wait a couple of hours until I returned from the church (we are doing a Community Nativity Festival that I will write about when it is all over) before he could ask me this all important question. "So, can we give it to them now, or do we have to wait for Christmas eve?" Personally I am just exhausted and I don't have an opinion when I am this tired, so that was my answer.

Nathan then proceeded to open the box just so he could look longingly at the treasured gift. It is a new flat screen TV (some of you have heard about our current TV that needs to be whacked every once in a while to get the sound or the picture to come back on). He pulls out the bag with the instructions and the remote and says, "Cool, it came with a screw driver," and then packs it all back up. By now I am catching on to his vibe; he really wants to give it to the "kids" tonight.

I give the go ahead and the kids come in and are appropriately surprised and excited. We open the box once more and Kiah says, "Cool, it came with a screw driver." So, we now have a new TV that we don't need to smack around and perhaps more importantly a magnetic screwdriver.


Kristen S said...

How, a cool new screwdriver!! What a nice gift! (the tv that is)

nathan said...

It was only part of what they are getting from their oma and opa so i did not think it was bad to let them have it now--I had no idea how we were going to wrap it.

Laura D said...

I am glad you and Kiah got a cool screw driver! Mike would be jealous of the TV! He has been wanting one for years. I can't believe you didn't wait til Christmas!

Nathan said...

It is Charity's fault we did not wait--I was weak and kept asking her if we should and she did not stop me--all her fault!!!!

Jenny said...

did it say you were getting a screw driver on the box or did someone take it back because they broke it! LOL :)

I am jealous! More so Matthew than myself...I got a new garage door and a window. TV sounds much more exciting!


Amy and the boys said...

hahaha this was just a funny post.