Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas and Polls

Well, I finally got around to changing my music play list. For those who missed out on the explanation last year, here it goes...I love Christmas music, but all my friends are playing the classics and I have to be just a little different. So, to show my fun, quirky side, here are some fun silly Christmas songs. If you know of one that will fit in that I haven't heard, please post a comment and I'll add it. Thanks!

Several people have asked me if I am going to post more of my story on the blog. I would love to. I actually started to do so several times, but I am scared too. Not because you will read it, but I am a public blog and anyone could steal the idea. Yeah, paranoid I know and who is to say it is worth stealing in the first place? But, it is mine and I love it and want to keep it safe so I can nurture it into a full blown novel one day. I am going to take December off so I can be with my family on this planet and not Sendek, but in January I will start revising. When I reach a point that I feel everything is finally in the story (I'm aiming for March), I will gladly email you a copy to read and you can be my personal book group reviewers.

I have posted a new poll on my main character's name. Originally it was Elyzbeth Bynts. That wasn't working, she was too young and soft to be the heroine, so I changed it to Talia Shannon. Talia is working for me, but some have expressed concern that the name is too close to Tally Youngblood from the Uglies series (which I hadn't even thought of), so what do you think? I am also open to other suggestions, but they need to be strong names, nothing overly feminine if that makes sense. I need my girl to stay strong, confident and independent. Thanks!


Laura D said...

What do you think of Janae?

Laura D said...

or Nadine

Sarah Ragatz said...

Um...Adela Kalin or just Adel or just Adela. Of course, I haven't even read your draft so I don't even know your character but I was going with strong and independent.

Amy and the boys said...

What about the Chipmunks Christmas song? Love that one!

I understand about being public and posting your work.