Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful Day 19

19. I am thankful for those sweet words in toddler talk, such as: O'tay! chure! (sure), cum ear mommy, play cars with me, elef (elephant), beeding (bleeding, but it was just his nose running after being outside in the cold), Queen (Lightning McQueen). You know, all those sweet words said in those little voices full of excitement. I love this time when those little ones find all the words they need to communicate their needs and wants.

This is what I get when I ask him to say "cheese."


Meghan said...

I agree! I love those sweet words and phrases. Heath came up to me yesterday with an M&M in hand looking sternly at me and said, "Where did this come from?" Like I was in trouble. I love these toddlers!

Sarah Ragatz said...

Nice "cheese" picture. 2 is certainly a cute age!