Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 22

Check it out! I hit 50,000 words today! I am so excited and now I'm curious as to how many words will be in this book, because I'm about half way through. :)

22. I'm thankful for music (all kinds really) but today it is all about Rock n Roll, baby! I may not look like a rock chic, but I love a good rockin song for almost every occasion. A song with a good driving force behind it is great for running, cleaning house, driving long distances, and just working out frustrations that you don't feel you could voice otherwise. Enough said. :)


Ellenamo said...

Congratulations on hitting your goal!

edith said...

Congratulations! No wonder you feel like rockin' out!

Lanna said...

Yeah!!!! I'm right behind ya ... sort of.