Friday, November 28, 2008

26, 27 and 28

26. I am thankful for Spongebob Squarepants! With all the travelling we did this week we have needed Spongebob and Patrick's help to keep Cole happy in the car. It may be sad, but when all else fails we pop in the DVD and Cole is hypnotised by those big blue eyes!

27. I am thankful for a holiday that is dedicated to stuffing your face after you've stuffed a bird. We have had so much good food the last two days that I won't need to eat next week! Also, who knew that something so ugly could taste so good? I made my new favorite Turkey-day soup--Butternut and Leek Soup. I think it is really yummy. You can get the recipe HERE .

28. I am so thankful for the blessing of being able to attend the temple with my husband. When things get busy and hectic, I tend to get frazzled and agitated easily. This morning Nathan and I were able to slip away and go to the temple. It always amazes me how just walking through the doors brings peace to my soul. I am grateful for the opportunity to forget all the craziness of my life for a couple of hours and just concentrate on feeling the spirit touch my heart. When I think of the temple I think of peace, comfort, quiet rest. I am also thankful for the knowledge that my family can be together as a family unit for all of eternity because of the temple blessings. I love my sweetheart so much that I never want to lose him, and thanks to the sealing power found in the temple he will always be my sweetheart. None of this "till death do you part" for us!

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hubby said...

I like the name Corina for your Character. I don't think you should have a name that you have to put how it should be pronounced. Corina has a hard C sound so it is more strong than Elizabeth which is what you were wanting. I voted for Corina.