Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Time!

We had video taped Cole, but I am VERY tired tonight and deleted it by accident when I tried to watch it on the camera. Yes, that is all me! He kept saying, "oooo yucky!" then laughing. He thought the whole thing was pretty cool. He also tried to help Nathan carve their pumpkin by jabbing it with the little tools.

Kiah in deep concentration

Ash carving the nose.

Adam did his all by himself this year and he did a good job!

This is what Nathan's silly pumpkin looked like before Cole threw it off the counter. That is another picture that I accidentally deleted. Yeah, step away from the camera!
You may notice that we don't have our traditional "line them all up and light the candle" photos. I don't know why we didn't do that. Probably because we were all so tired.

So, why am I so tired? Cole decided to wake up this morning at 5am! Yeah, and he didn't go back to sleep. After getting the kids off to school, I drove 2 hours with my good friend Laura to pick up my mom's Christmas present. Then 2 hours home. Funny how sitting in a car and doing nothing for 4 hours can really wear you out! Here is what I got for my mom--with help from my other siblings.

Introducing...Mia! (formerly Mimi)
For next years Christmas present, I'm going to house train this puppy...this year. Yeah, thought it would be better to do it now and not wait that long. :)

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