Saturday, September 20, 2008

Running Redemption

I had to redeem myself for the lack of running this week. After posting yesterday morning (on my food blog) I assigned a small part of my brain to running a diagnostic on all those malfunctioning buttons. (Yes, I know that makes me sound like a robot, but I love science fiction and that is the image that popped into my mind.) By the afternoon I figured it out. The PMS button was lit up! No wonder nothing was working right.

Well, identifying the problem allowed me to wake up this morning and go for a run. I pulled my running shorts out of the bottom of the laundry basket and almost quit right there. Oh my! I think it is time to get a second pair of running clothes. But I couldn't let that stop me, I needed to go, I wanted to go. I put my cell phone in my little expandable pouch, grabbed my Ipod and off I went. I left behind my watch because today was just about me enjoying the run. No times to try and match or beat, no records to set, no goals other than to move and feel alive.

It is a beautiful morning here. The sun is shining, there is a light breeze and it is about 59 degrees out. It was perfect for a run. I loved feeling my body warm up and then move through a shady spot to cool off a bit. And when I got chilled I moved to a sunnier spot of road and I loved the way the sun's warmth was a light touch on my skin. I enjoy running much more in cooler weather than the sweltering hot of summer. I ran four miles without stopping! Ah, I feel human again, all my emotions are in check and I feel like I can deal with a day full of loud wonderful children.

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Meghan said...

I love this blog! I can relate to so many of those feelings! I have such a love/hate relationship with running. McKenzie and I are training for a half marathon in 3 weeks. We had such an awesome long run on Saturday. It's such a great feeling when you've had such a great run! Keep it up!