Monday, September 8, 2008

Playing Around

This weekend we got to play around. We had tickets to get into the Greek Festival, so we drove on over to check it out on Saturday afternoon. We've decided that we must be two of the most boring people in the world. I think we were there maybe 30 minutes. It was so crowded! I think most people were there for the food, which I thought smelled wonderful, but Nathan wasn't so sure about. They did have all these rides for little kids, but they cost extra--of course. Since we dragged the kids there, we let them all ride one ride.
Cole thought he was hot stuff riding with Adam.
Ashlee trying not to look bored.
We did get a smile out of Kiah.
Sunday night fashion for a play they put on for us.
Ashlee giving Adam a Piggy Back ride


Laura D said...

We didn't last at the festival either! So at least we are both boring. And the food wasn't very good. The ice-cream one was good though! We never got a smile out of Zach. He was planning to stay in the car... But we forced him out... then he said "see you later, I am not going to move from this spot." So we had a great time on our family outing!

Hubby said...

Thank you Laura, that makes me feel much better. It was SUPER hot and VERY crowded and all that with the smell of the greek food in the air was a bit more than we could handle--even the kids were ready to go after 30 mins. Well, at least we can say we went :)