Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cole's first truck

We found this truck on Craig's list for Adam and Cole last Christmas. When we bought it it looked brand new, but Adam has since found his artistic side. Cole is following his example with the chalk. Anyway, Adam has enjoyed it all year and occasionally, Cole will get to ride in the back. He has been trying to learn how to drive on his own all summer. A few weeks ago he figured out the gas pedal but did not know how to steer. We had to pull him out of the bushes several times. Today he got in and took off as if he had never had any problems driving. What did he dream about during his nap? Driving!

This is late in the afternoon and the battery was starting to die, so I couldn't get him to wave or even smile! You can also see the roads that Adam "built" in the cul de sac. There are also houses and signs.

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Laura D said...

Very fun! I bet he loves having that to himself with Adam is at school!