Monday, August 18, 2008

We survived!

What a crazy week! Last week is our busiest week of the year--always! We had Ashlee's birthday, my birthday and our anniversary, plus normal life.

Ashlee had a sleep over for her birthday and I realized that my first inclination to follow my friend Flori's advice was correct. I learned a year and a half ago that as the parent I can say, "We don't do sleep overs" from my good friend Flori. I lived by that until last week when I became weak and gave in. I thought it would be easier because I didn't want to plan a party. I thought the girls could come over after their Faith in God Girls activity, watch a movie and then go to sleep. Sounds simple, right? Well, it wasn't! I won't go into details, but it is amazing how much noise four 9 year old girls can make. I don't think anyone slept all night. By noon the next day I was more frazzled than I think I've ever been. Am I really getting that old???? So, Ashlee, if you are reading this blog, don't even ask...cause it isn't going to happen. Ever. :)

For my birthday I got some new earphones for my IPod, which I really needed. They are purple so they match! I'm really styling now. Hee hee. Nathan also got me a massage, which I am going to take advantage of next week after the 5k (which is this Saturday) and we ordered Chinese. I also enjoyed lunch with three of my good friends. (Shan send me the picture so I can post it.) We tried a new restaurant, for me anyway, Bravo! and Italian place. I have to say the best thing was the cheesecake. It was huge, and they fired the top like creme brule (I don't know how to spell it!). It was soooo yummy.

Nathan and I have been married for 12 years now! It is going by so fast. Nathan got me a beautiful necklace and I got him...beef jerky. Yep, pretty sad. I was looking for a certain cologne that he liked but was out of. Unfortunately, I learned that he found it and bought it last week. I have a plan B now, but it will take more time to find, so it will be late. We went to a youth dance the night of our anniversary. That was really interesting. They crammed 5 stakes into one little gym and it was HOT! I remember our dances being very different. Most people danced, but these kids didn't dance at all the first hour. Well, it was really crowded and they were having problems with the music. I hope they are normally better than that night.


Laura D said...

I wish I had made it to your birthday lunch! Oh well maybe next year!

Jenny said...

I always end up getting Matthew beef jerky and IBC root beer. I loves them and we never get them. lol

Jenny said...

Opps, Matthew likes them not me.