Monday, August 4, 2008

Trip Info

As late as it is, I know that I need to post more information about our wonderful trip. We spent a week in a little town called Lake Lure (on the lake of course). It is close to Chimney Rock, NC. It was beautiful, but not far enough up in the mountains to enjoy a cooler temperature. The views were great and the kids had plenty to do. Oh, while there we learned that the movie "Dirty Dancing" was filmed there.

We stayed at a resort with lots of amenities--the best of which was the pool with the lazy river. The only draw back was that the town was tiny and there were no cheap chain restaurants to eat at. We did however become "regulars" for the week at least at a Hersheys 61 Flavors Ice Cream shop. It was soooo yummy!

Although it was beautiful in places, it was sad at times too because you would see a nice place right beside one that was falling down, or covered in vines. I kept thinking about the movie "Cars" and thinking how at one time this place was THE summer place to be. But now that the interstates can get you where you want to go faster, this place has been forgotten. There is no easy way to get there. It is all country roads, which I happen to like, but most people don't want to take that kind of time. Ah, well.

We spent a lot of time just relaxing by the pool, but on Wednesday we took a day trip to the Pisgah National Forest close to Brevard, NC. It was about an hour and a half drive through winding roads, but well worth it. We spent the whole day enjoying the woods and waterfalls. And yes, Amy, we went to sliding rock. It was awesome! Brad and Laura had told us about it and so we went to try it out. It was really crowded but we all got to go down several times. Cole even went down twice. He loved the sliding part, but the landing in freezing water he could do without.

All in all we got a well needed break from the everyday stresses of life. On Friday, Nathan and I both got massages. I wish I could do that every week! I tried the hot stone massage and man, it was worth every penny. We even managed to run while there and get exercise keeping up with the kids all week. Now to start eating healthier and get consistant with the running again. Wish us luck!

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Lindsey said...

I have been to sliding rock it was way fun!! I remember getting sores on my leg and the cold water but it was all worth it.